Who We Are?

Our Mission

To give your loved ones the most memorable funeral ceremony with the right words; words that speak to your heart so you are consoled and comforted.

Background and Expertise

For 27 years John McRuvie was a presenter on local radio broadcasting throughout the North East of Scotland.

John also worked as a compere at thousands of dinners and fundraisers over the years, honing his voice, it’s tone, cadence and presence in order to capture the hearts and minds of his audience both live and on radio.

In 2015 John made the decision to retire from full time radio in order to help care for his elderly parents.

In 2018 after his mum passed away John made the decision to become a fully qualified celebrant so that he may help other families give their loved ones a send off that is “Absolutely Beautiful”. This was his Mum’s favourite saying and one that John keeps close to his own heart.

John is a fully qualified Celebrant and has a certificate of training in Funeral Celebrancy which was awarded with distinction by Neil Dorward, the Course Director of Celebrancy Training Speciaists “Legacy Training”


Our Standard of Excellence

Planning a funeral can be very difficult, usually with little time to organise

Choosing the ideal funeral celebrant to officiate the ceremony is very important as you want the funeral service to truly reflect the life of your loved one and tell their story perfectly

I promise to offer a personalised service from start to finish giving the following high standards

  • A phone call on the day I have been notified by the Funeral Directors of your loved one’s death to arrange a family meeting.
  • This home visit will happen within 24—48 hours of that phone call. I will offer a listening heart and put you at ease so you can share stories and memories about your loved one.
  • This “interview” will typically last between 1 and 2 hours and if required I will phone, e-mail or skype other family members or friends who are not present at this interview, should you wish their stories to be part of the tribute.
  • Within 24-48 hours of these stories and memories being written down, they will be crafted into a uniquely written service that truly combines Honour, Dignity, Respect, Humour and Sensitivity.
  • This “Draft” version of the ceremony will then be e-mailed to you to give you time to add, change or delete anything within this draft.
  • I will phone on the night before the funeral to double check that things will be ok on the day of your loved ones funeral.
  • On the funeral day, you will be given an eloquent and passionate delivery of these words in a way that will touch your heart.
  • You need not worry about the music. I will happily source anything that your heart desires to play at the ceremony.
  • An option for me to wear a kilt on the day of the funeral.
  • A memorial copy of the eulogy printed on high quality parchment paper will be given to you on the day of the funeral.

The funeral ceremony is the last public event of our lives and must be done supremely well